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Expert Cosmetic Procedures


Debra Lamb

Having known Dr Angela Musso for several years & experienced her work with dermal fillers, botox & sculptra with excellent results I was confident enough in her medical experience & creative ability to try a PDO thread lift which I am delighted with. Dr Musso is honest enough not to recommend unnecessary treatments for financial gain & professional enough not to do too much, her emphasis & work ethic being on natural looking improvement  & restoration of youth. Having experienced the work of other aesthetic doctors previously I can highly recommend her abilities & integrity

Sharon Thorpe

“It is the first time I have done anything like this and was apprehensive but you gave me reassurance with explanations and advice.

I had a lump on my neck after an inflammation episode on my spine which was painful and left me feeling in pain with restricted movement. After injecting the lump with a fat dispersing formula I felt the results in a few days. The pain has gone with the lump and I have almost a full range of neck movement which has made a big difference to my life.

I also had some facial changes with botox and fillers which has developed and enhance my face which I am extremely happy with. It all looks so natural.

Thank you so much and I have recommended you to my friends and family.”

Marianne Koerner

Dr Angela Musso has just the best aesthetic eye. She is highly skilled and delivers non- surgical enhancements that not only make you look and feel 10 years younger, they are so natural, nobody would know. I have had a course of Botox, natural fillers and ultimately the ‘one stitch face lift’ leading up to my forth coming wedding. I feel amazing and it has given me renewed confidence.
Angela’s professional approach, knowledge of these procedures is exceptional. Her prices are realistic and affordable to everyone. I would recommend it, hitting 50 is no joke when trying to hold back the years. Thanks Angela.