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PRP Treatment

The use of your own plasma to rejuvenate your skin has been used in medical practices around the world for well over 30 years. It has been used for a multitude of therapies including cardiac surgery, wounds care, sports medicine, neurosurgery, general surgery, orthopaedics, dentistry and cosmetics.

The result of PRP is skin which looks considerably younger, fresher and can heal much faster, due to the PRP (platelet rich plasma) which is obtained from your blood. Due to its incredible healing powers and potency, the platelets contained in it work quickly and efficiently to repair damage of the skin and stimulate collagen.

Due to PRP’s effectiveness at stimulating new collagen production, PRP can kick-start your cells into rejuvenating and creating wonderful new skin, which makes it a brilliant anti-ageing treatment. There are a variety of ways to administer PRP, and each one is as effective as the next. These include being derma-rolled or mixed with derma fillers, or vitamins, or anti-oxidants. It can also be used on all areas of the body!

The treatment works in a very similar way to a blood test, a small sample of blood is taken from your arm and then placed in a centrifuge. It is here that it is then spun; the plasma is separated and the platelet rich plasma emerges! Once in this superior states it is administered to the problem area via a small sterile needle. Because you are using blood from your own body, there is no risk and the process is 100% natural. The procedure should take no more than 30-45 minutes, although the improvement in the damaged area is visibly improved within 3 weeks. For skin to be fully regenerated via collagen, this can take up to 3 months.

Each course of treatment is different depending on the individual, most people tend to require 1-3 sessions over staggered period of 4-6 weeks. In order to maintain desired results, it is advisable to keep up treatments as and when required.