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Obagi and prescription skincare

The anti-ageing market is flooded with products that all promise to provide the elixir of youth, with many creams and serums promising you results unlike any other. However, despite all of these grand claims, many do not ever live up to their labels or USP’s.

This is because these products are nothing more than cosmetics and do not actively work to target the issue at hand. Unlike pharmaceuticals and prescriptions which are medically tailored to give you real results, these products cannot permeate the epidermis to give you the skin you want and deserve.

This is where Obagi skincare is entirely different, as the entire range is prescription strength and contains all of the components to actively encourage your skin to rejuvenate itself. Each product has been stringently and clinically tested, so that what you see today are products that are scientifically able to give you the brighter, more youthful skin that you desire.


We all know that sun damage, pollution levels and the body’s hormonal changes can wreak havoc on the health of our skin, which is why it is important to find a treatment that can clinically reduce the impact of these all too common issues.

Obagi nu-derm is able to work against age spots, sun spots and wrinkles on a cellular level and change the way your skins looks. By increasing cell turnover, you will have younger and healthier skin that looks far younger than its years.


This is a complete skincare programme unlike anything you have used before. It will effectively correct the earliest signs of ageing and the toll that the environment can take on your skin.

Once you’ve begun using the system you will instantly be able to see the results in your youthful skin rejuvenation. The innovative chemistry works to even out your skin tone and enhance the skin’s natural glow.


This serum is powerful at working to reduce the impact of ‘free radicals’ that have a damaging impact on the skin. They have the capacity to multiply rapidly when exposed to sun, air pollution or other environmental factors, which reduce the skin’s natural collagen and increase the appearance of age.


Forget your average moisturiser, Elastiderm is something entirely different. It contains a highly effective bi-mineral complex that is adept at improving the elasticity of the surrounding eye area. This will visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


This revolutionary system will work wonders to reduce the signs of ageing often found on décolletage.  The innovative technology will diminish signs of hyperpigmentation, the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots on this very delicate area.


This pioneering acne therapy is clinically proven to clear the appearance of acne within two weeks. Acne is a problem which plagues people of all ages, so it is important to use a system that can provide you with the clearer results that you will be able to feel and see in your skin from the very start of your regime.