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Facial Sculpturing


The Sculptra Facial Treatment – The Liquid Facelift

Often called the “Liquid Facelift” or “SCULPTRA™”, this procedure is a wonderful solution to the ageing process. Using cosmetic science that was approved by the F.D.A in 2004 for lipoatrophy, SCULPTRA has recently been permitted for cosmetic use. It now actively improves faces and providing visible results after an average of 3-5 treatment sessions 6 to 8 weeks apart depending on which area of the face is treated.

The Sculptra Facial Treatment is compiled of poly L lactic acid, which over time is metabolised naturally by your body’s own processes. The way that this particular polymer works is but activating natural sites of collagen at the sites of injection.

The Sculptra Facial Treatment can be used for a whole host issues that commonly cause people problems. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Volume loss
  • Acne scarring
  • Enhance and redefine cheeks
  • Fill the concavity of the temples
  • Correction of the tear trough, dark circles & wrinkly skin of the lower eyelids (without placing the product close to the eye area)
  • Redefine the jaw line & lift jaws
  • Correct nose to mouth lines (without treating the mouth area)
  • Lift the mouth corners

The Sculptra procedure takes 30-45 minutes, although there may be some mild discomfort the solution will be mixed with anaesthetic and numbing cream in order to reduce any pain. The number of injections and treatments you require will be entirely dependent on the individual case. Once completed the Sculptra treatment can last for up for two years with great results. The side effects are similar to other facial injections where there can be a little swelling and bruising as you would expect. There is also a slight chance papules or nodules under the skin which will resolve over a period of time. The pros and cons of Sculptra can be weighed and discussed within the consultation process.

You can expect the liquid facelift to have incredible results for you and your face subtly and effectively. It does so because there are no sudden changes to your facial appearance but instead a gradual improvement to your appearance. The Sculptra solution is for single patient use and will be charged per vial not session.


Sculptra is also highly effective for cellulite reduction and improvement, where it can have brilliant results for these issues. Any dimples or impressions in the skin can be successfully filled by solution.


Ellansé® is like no other dermal filler available on the market, it offers a one of a kind predicatble bio-restorability across the whole range. The first of a new age of dermal fillers, Ellansé® will change the way you think about anti-ageing and provide you with the complexion you have always dreamt of having restored. Because of the way that this revolutionary technology works it will naturally regenerate your skins volume and restore structure and shape of the epidermis which time has taken away.

Thanks to the cosmetic surgery industry coming on leaps and bounds, we are now able to offer less invasive procedures that offer the same incredible results as their predecessors. Today, surgeons are increasingly using fillers based on PolyCaproLactone (PCL) which boast record safety, provide a high viscosity and elasticity and can provide longevity due to their ability to enable the production of new collagen in the skin.

The revolutionary bio-simulating dermal fillers tap into the body’s natural ability to respond to foreign bodies, thereby stimulating new collagen growth to create a durable implant that can withstand the test of time. This flexible, non-surgical approach can provide an incredibly useful spectrum of cosmetic uses. This treatment is targeted not only to improve the smoothness of the skin’s surface, but also to restore the structure of facial features’ original definition. The aim is not only to provide a smoother skin surface but also to restore the face’s individual features.

Ellansé® practioner Dr Luca Piovano is an avid supporter of the treatment, testifying that:

This procedure is simple and safe. It does not have a disruptive effect on the patient’s everyday life including their social or professional activities, and the results are highly satisfying, even with a single application. Furthermore, the treatment can be repeated if required.“

This procedure will offer a fantastic 2-in-1 filling option for anyone looking to actively reduce the signs of ageing. Naturally, you may be apprehensive before embarking on any course of treatment, which is why we have answered some commonly levelled FAQs below.

How long will it take?

The procedure will take round about 30 minutes, allowing you to return to your day to day life instantly.

How long will the results last?

You will get completely natural looking results from the very first use which last from 1 to 4 years* depending on which Ellansé® treatment is recommended to you.

How many sessions are normally needed?

With Ellansé®, only one session is needed to gain immediate results and age correction with real staying power, making Ellansé® a highly cost-effective treatment that brings you value and results.

What should I do following treatment?

The treatment is non-invasive, so will be minorly impactful on your day to day routine. We recommend avoiding hot baths, strenuous exercise and UV rays for one week after treatment.

Are there any side effects?

As with any injection there may be small side effects such as redness, swelling and expected bruising. Your doctor will be able to provide more information.